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Pipe's it!
BK media reporting from the 2000 Pipemasters:

the spit!
it happens here

December 2000 was a solid good month for surfing Pipe on Oahu's North Shore, and right in the middle of the month the Gerry Lopez Pipemasters competition had their 30th anniversary. Many old and young pipemasters have come and out of the pool of talented surfers a long time hero in this wave finally got rewarded with the title: Rob Machado.

going fast
Rob rides
going deep
deep inside
going long
the perfect tube

As if he was in a time tunnel, Rob continued riding this wave as if he'd never left it in the historic 1995 quarterfinal heat against Kelly Slater. Slater himself was less lucky this year, most of the time the door kept shut and he missed the opportunity to score big in Pipe. His old friend and runner up in the championship, Rob Machado, this time chose wisely his waves, and got the two highest scores during the main event.

slowing to let the wave catch up
close to the lip
tube rider pulls
for a hair-wash
under the curtain

Photos of many other surfers (Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia, Kalani Rob, Shane Dorian, Bruce and Andy Irons, Renan Rocha, Damian Hobgood, ...) in better lighting and/or better quality, are available for publication. Please state the intended use and ask for samples.

100% stoked!
cool riding after the perfect tube ride

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